Our mission is to improve performance.

Engineered Approach

We pride ourselves on using learning science to produce effective, technologically infused, and innovative solutions. The IDSI team has earned a reputation for its ability to exceed customer requirements through creative thinking, timely execution, and a passion for deploying cutting-edge products.

Innovative Design

Our first step is to simply focus on you and your needs. We seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation to ensure a solution “fit.” We recognize that no matter how innovative the solution—if you cannot successfully implement it—we have failed.

Scientific Method

We employ proven, methodical, and multidisciplinary approaches to our solutions. From in-depth analyses to award-winning, game-based stealth learning products to worldwide expertise and support in development of the infrastructure to create synthetic training environments, we bring value to you through effective learning experiences and cost savings.

We are technologists, scientists, and creatives exploring and designing data science solutions, performance analytics, web and software applications, e-Learning, and myriad digital products that ultimately improve performance. Every design decision is deliberate. We enable your vision with our passion.

True blending of creativity and science is hard. It takes patience, perseverance, and a lot of coffee.

We are a small business that invests in our people. Everything we do is driven by our desire to produce something of value. Our products are better because of it.

With over 20 years of experience, our solutions speak for themselves. Check out our work to learn more.

We strive to ensure our people are not overcome by bureaucracy and that our customers get the benefit of a creative and responsive environment. Proactively anticipating our customers’ needs is one of our mantras.

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