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LVC Joint National Trainer Support (JNTC)

Provided high level technical expertise in the digital training environment that has allowed the Government to significantly lower the cost while vastly improving the quality of the training. Developed a build-test-build process that enables us to rapidly develop and implement customers’ unique requirements.

Foreign Language Education

Researched and analyzed foreign language learning (FLL) sustainment and enhancement instruction using distributed learning. Recommended best practices for acquisition of high levels of proficiency of language development.

Joint and Army Concepts Division (JACD)

Provided strategic, operational, and tactical expertise for war gaming with respect to strategic, operational, and tactical issues facing the Army in the future (up to 30 years hence) strategic environments.

Army Leader Development

Partnered with experts from academia and industry to research and analyze performance and doctrinal issues in the contemporary Army operational environment. Designed and developed innovative tools, methods, and media for training products, simulations and job performance aids.

M160 VR

Developed a virtual reality trainer where maintainers can interact with tools and objects on the M160, a 7-ton tracked, combat engineer vehicle that can neutralize mines by destroying or detonating them with its rotating flair head.

Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games

Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games is a free, fast-paced mobile game that promotes healthy living, enforces good eating habits, and teaches some fun food facts. The game has over 20,000 downloads and is available now on the iTunes Store (iOS Download) and Google Play Store (Android Download).

You can find out more at the game’s Website.

Spirits of the Lost

Spirits of the Lost is an in-development, mobile tap and move choose-your-own-adventure game set in a summer camp with puzzles and themes of bullying, friendship and teamwork. The game will be available for download on the iTunes Store (iOS Download) and Google Play Store (Android Download) soon.


Developed detailed architecture for LVCIA exercise control system and MCS stimulation capability. Created a robust training capability providing the option for on-site or remote training, automated tracking, reporting and analysis of student performance, and enable efficient updates to the curriculum to meet evolving requirements.

Newport News Shipyard

Designed and developed interactive courseware for welders, machinists, and pipefitters.


Designed and developed Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) for the AN/TPQ-50 Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR).

Reserve Life

Reserve Life is a cross-platform decision making game with epic consequences. Designed for the Army Reserve Medical Command (AR-MEDCOM,) players are be able to jump right into relevant scenarios and play as an Army Reservist to discover what living life like a Reservist really means. Your character is thrown into the world of Reservia, where every choice is important. Balance relationships, control your emotions and make real-world decisions that can impact your character and either build their quality of life, or destroy it.

VHA Training Data Compilation and Summary

Designed and created visualization graphics to communicate findings from training data for Veterans Affairs, VHA Employee Education System. Ongoing compilation and summarization of key points and highlights of the EES’s FY quarters.


Completed FEA and produced highly interactive and intricate scenarios representative of the complex work within the environment to include topics such as piracy, smuggling, UN-related trade, and biometrics initiatives. Developed IMI facilitated learning in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.



Designed and developed RAID Tower systems and Leader and Staff Doctrine and Tactics Training IMI for the Base Expeditionary Targeting Surveillance Systems – Combined (BETTS-C).


Technical Exercise Planning, Management, and Execution

Shape and portray the exercise scenario from the “Road to War” through the final engagements. Examples include the Joint Exercise Development Tool (helps users define all aspects of an exercise linked to training objectives), and Training Environment Manager Web Client (synchronizes exercises and wargames in user-friendly manner).


Joint Force Trainer

Provided systems integration for multinational and interagency training and mission rehearsal events focused on Commanders, Staff, agencies, component forces and Service programs.


Space and Time

Designed and developed interventions to help company and battalion commanders visualize full-spectrum operations in the contemporary operating environment. Included 16 scenario-based training and assessment vignette exercises situated in Iraq.


Studied extension of SCORM based learning content into game-based, multiplayer training environments for the ADL Co-lab. In-house expertise of latest experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) and Training and Learning Architecture (TLA).

Exercise Scenario Building and Planning

Create and review an exercise order of battle; compare enumerations to ensure proper operation in a federated architecture. Examples include Joint Remote Client (enables creation and reporting of correlated data for simulations), Low Overhead Training System (stimulate a myriad of Command and Control systems without the need for a full simulation suite), and JLVC Master Enumeration Manager (ensures participating federates share the same enumeration data thus minimizing interaction errors).



Designed and developed computer-based gaming scenarios for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center’s Human Intelligence (HUMINT) management course. Provided simulated, and therefore safe, environment for member of a maneuver patrol to practice passive HUMINT collection techniques.


Completed Front-End Analysis (FEA) and developed web-based and server-based IMI for learning in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Completed development in four months to facilitate client’s needs to field the Jackal quickly to theater of operations. The Jackal system counters IED threats encountered by US and coalition forces in today’s combat environments.

Army Joint and Expeditionary Mindset

Determined appropriate constructs and associated skills for effective performance of Combat Arms, Combat Support, Combat Service Support, and Reserve and National Guard components in the emerging operational environment. Implemented both qualitative and quantitative methods.

USCG Boat Forces Material Inspection

Designed and developed a system 1) including a tool for equipment inspectors for use in the field to aid in the generation, management, and distribution of equipment inspection reports, and 2) capable of just-in-time delivery of media-rich technical content for five equipment platforms subject to inspection services.


Cognitive Leader

Through cognitive task and extensive additional analysis determined how theme-based training could lead to improvement in cognitive skills and expert thinking patterns of leaders and battlestaff. Developed training methodology integrating multi-media vignettes enabling self-evaluation complete with automated coaching.


Developed a desktop trainer providing operators the required skills to operate, program, maintain, and employ a 7-ton tracked, combat engineer vehicle that can neutralize mines by destroying or detonating them with its rotating flair head. Integrated artificial intelligence to evaluate and provide feedback on the user’s actions.


Navy Foundation Skills

Engaged by the Chief of Naval Education and Training to conduct a study of the foundational skills required by distance learners to succeed in the Navy’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE). Our research identified a set of essential skills that affect a Sailor’s ability to meet current and future requirements. These skills were in the domains of language, technology, information literacy, mathematics, self-regulation, and critical thinking.


Participated in design and development of adaptable game-based learning system to facilitate individual and unit training in decision-making skills onboard a Navy Vessel. Winner of I/ITSEC Best Business Entry in the 2009 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is a virtual reality flying simulator set in a colorful retro futuristic world. Once you’ve strapped your goggles on, flap your arms to take flight and collect as many coins as possible! Our game was influenced by Flappy Bird’s simple yet challenging game play loop and Alto’s Adventure’s style and zen-like flow. Check it out on the steam store today!

You can find out more about the game here.


Provided day-to-day training program management support. Provided technical support and coordination with Naval Education and Training Center (NETC), Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT), Chief of Naval Air Forces (CNAF), and the Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM).


Conducted FEA and designed and developed learning intervention to institute change agency internally and externally regarding benefits of Map Modernization and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital tools.

USCG Sector Command Centers

Conducted a fieldwork heavy, performance-based, needs assessment analysis on the emerging Sector Command program. Designed and developed a comprehensive performance intervention system including areas of communication, motivation, feedback systems, staffing complement, standardization, tools, policy and on-the-job training.

US Navy 3M

Analyzed performance issues related to implementation of the 3M (maintenance, material, and management) system. Designed and developed suite of interventions to address root causes behind performance issues.

Technical Data Tracking and Analysis

Real-time tracking of federation actions and simulation data at the bitstream level or display in a customizable graphic interface; track events and create reports for after action review. Examples include the Joint Simulation Protocol Analyzer (real-time analysis of simulation data for troubleshooting), JLVC Analysis Workstation (user customizable graphic interface for federation analysis and after action review), and Artillery Translation Engine Map Client (provides visual representation of simulation artillery operations).



The JDTC project is a multipurpose courseware experience. The use of preexisting templates allows for rapid development; it even allows for custom features to be integrated with relative ease. Featuring user-driven navigation, animated demonstrations, and interactive practices and evaluations, it is designed to keep the learner active throughout the presentation of each course.

Training Brain Operations Center (TBOC)

Helped frame and replicate the operational environment (OE) across all TRADOC lines of operation including strategic planning, capability and technology integration, and effectiveness assessment. Provide intelligence analysis mobile training team expertise.


Dry Support Bridge

Conducted training needs analysis that revealed Soldiers and Marines need training prior to deployment to allow for ease of transition during relief in place operations and to reduce the impact on a unit’s ability to meet operational requirements upon arrival in theatre. Developed over 60 hours of IMI including sustainment training in theater, training at Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration, training at home station and self-development.

Command and Control (C2)Stimulation

Display desired exercise elements to drive decision makers in various situations; inject simulation events to assist in the training process. Examples include Joint MSEL Exercise Control Station (injects simulated data into the C4I architecture using real world messaging protocols), Simulation to C4I Interchange Module for Plans, Logistics, and Exercises (provides mapping between simulation and real world units, platforms, and supplies), and Low Overhead Training System (stimulate a myriad of Command and Control systems without the need for a full simulation suite).

Navy Human Performance Center

Provided consultation and facilitation support for critical high level meetings with senior leadership to develop overarching vision, mission, strategies, and objectives. Provided onsite program management support, consultation, and services for a broad array of programs and projects that were at the forefront of the Navy’s training transformation initiatives. In addition, conducted over a dozen analyses, and developed over 2,500 hours of interactive learning and performance improvement interventions for seven supply and administrative “A” schools at the Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Meridian.


IDSI assists the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Information Technology Workforce Development (ITWD) workforce by providing IT expertise; performing skill gap and training gap analyses; and creating synchronous live training events and webinars that are available in the VA IT Virtual Campus environment.

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