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The Army Training Information System (ATIS) is a computer infrastructure that optimizes leaders’ and civilians’ ability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training, education, and leader development across domains. Our team played a pivotal role in designing and developing the user experience and interface of this system that will be used by the leaders of tomorrow.

Dry Support Bridge

Conducted training needs analysis that revealed Soldiers and Marines need training prior to deployment to allow for ease of transition during relief in place operations and to reduce the impact on a unit’s ability to meet operational requirements upon arrival in theatre. Developed over 60 hours of IMI including sustainment training in theater, training at Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration, training at home station and self-development.


Completed FEA and produced highly interactive and intricate scenarios representative of the complex work within the environment to include topics such as piracy, smuggling, UN-related trade, and biometrics initiatives. Developed IMI facilitated learning in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.


Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is a virtual reality flying simulator set in a colorful retro futuristic world. Once you’ve strapped your goggles on, flap your arms to take flight and collect as many coins as possible! Our game was influenced by Flappy Bird’s simple yet challenging game play loop and Alto’s Adventure’s style and zen-like flow. Check it out on the steam store today!

You can find out more about the game here.

VR Pop-ups

For the past few years, IDSI has enjoyed hosting virtual reality (VR) pop-ups at countless events. Whether local brewery meetups or national-scale gaming conventions, the team has brought VR to players young and young-at-heart.

Check out this Beat Saber tournament we ran at MAGFest in Maryland.

VHA Training Data Compilation and Summary

Designed and created visualization graphics to communicate findings from training data for Veterans Affairs, VHA Employee Education System. Ongoing compilation and summarization of key points and highlights of the EES’s FY quarters.


Developed detailed architecture for LVCIA exercise control system and MCS stimulation capability. Created a robust training capability providing the option for on-site or remote training, automated tracking, reporting and analysis of student performance, and enable efficient updates to the curriculum to meet evolving requirements.

Jamestown VR

IDSI partnered with the Jamestown Settlement to build a virtual reality (VR) experience where players become archeologists. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the experience is that the artifacts in-game were built using 3D scans from the real-world artifacts themselves.

Jamestown VR is proudly used in educational programs and tours at the settlement.


IDSI assists the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Information Technology Workforce Development (ITWD) workforce by providing IT expertise, performing skill gap and training gap analyses, developing training content and media, and creating synchronous live training events and webinars that are available in the VA IT Virtual Campus environment.

UWF Seminars

IDSI partnered with the Department of Instructional, Workforce, and Applied Technology at the University of West Florida (UWF) to host a series of monthly webinars during the Spring 2017 semester. The webinars, which were open to graduate students, moved beyond the foundational knowledge of instructional design and examined trends in the field. The series also provided real-world examples for students preparing to enter the workforce.


Designed and developed RAID Tower systems and Leader and Staff Doctrine and Tactics Training IMI for the Base Expeditionary Targeting Surveillance Systems – Combined (BETTS-C).


M160 VR

Developed a virtual reality trainer where maintainers can interact with tools and objects on the M160, a 7-ton tracked, combat engineer vehicle that can neutralize mines by destroying or detonating them with its rotating flair head.


Completed Front-End Analysis (FEA) and developed web-based and server-based IMI for learning in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Completed development in four months to facilitate client’s needs to field the Jackal quickly to theater of operations. The Jackal system counters IED threats encountered by US and coalition forces in today’s combat environments.

Star Royale

Star Royale is an in-development, PC video game. Referred to as a ‘Star Fox inspired battle royale’, this game connects dozens of players over a network in an intergalactic dogfight, all vying to be the last one standing.


Operational Environment Data Integration Network (ODIN) is the authoritative digital data resource created for the U.S. Army to plan and manage training exercises. It contains the Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG), Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and accompanying Force Structures, and Training Circular (TC) 100 series. Over 3,000 pages of useful exercise creation documentation was digitized and entered into an intuitive create, search, and design exercise development tool. Check it out here.

Reserve Life

Reserve Life is a cross-platform decision making game with epic consequences. Designed for the Army Reserve Medical Command (AR-MEDCOM,) players are be able to jump right into relevant scenarios and play as an Army Reservist to discover what living life like a Reservist really means. Your character is thrown into the world of Reservia, where every choice is important. Balance relationships, control your emotions and make real-world decisions that can impact your character and either build their quality of life, or destroy it.

Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games

Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games is a free, fast-paced mobile game that promotes healthy living, enforces good eating habits, and teaches some fun food facts. The game has over 20,000 downloads and is available now on the iTunes Store (iOS Download) and Google Play Store (Android Download).

You can find out more at the game’s Website.

OEC Analytic Dashboard

The OEC Analytics Dashboard displays visualized data of key metrics OEC Administrators, Script Writers, and their G-3/S-3 and G-2/S-2 clients need to achieve their respective objectives. Visualization of this data enables OEC leadership and other identified users with a better understanding of the overall use and effectiveness of their toolset. The dashboard enables cor-relational analysis of factors that relate to outcome measures so that OEC can identify factors that contribute to performance and, therefore, target strategic actions. Metrics recommended for each user group adhere to recognized industry best practices and follow guidelines published by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G-2.

Spirits of the Lost

Spirits of the Lost is an in-development, mobile tap and move choose-your-own-adventure game set in a summer camp with puzzles and themes of bullying, friendship and teamwork. The game will be available for download on the iTunes Store (iOS Download) and Google Play Store (Android Download) soon.


Developed a desktop trainer providing operators the required skills to operate, program, maintain, and employ a 7-ton tracked, combat engineer vehicle that can neutralize mines by destroying or detonating them with its rotating flair head. Integrated artificial intelligence to evaluate and provide feedback on the user’s actions.


Garrison FOX

Garrison Facilities & Operations eXercise (FOX) is a serious game developed in Unity Game Engine for the U.S. Army Installations and Management Command (IMCOM). Garrison FOX is an event-driven management game intended to give future incoming garrison leaders some cognitive experience on the day-to-day operations of an Army city. The game features real-world scenarios collected from workshops with past Commanders and their staff. Garrison FOX delivers realistic content, events, and interactions in an engaging experience.


The JDTC project is a multipurpose courseware experience. The use of preexisting templates allows for rapid development; it even allows for custom features to be integrated with relative ease. Featuring user-driven navigation, animated demonstrations, and interactive practices and evaluations, it is designed to keep the learner active throughout the presentation of each course.


The Traffic Integration Messaging System (TIMS) is a web-based tool that enables a streamlined exercise development process using adjusted real-world data.


The Contract Acquisition Requirement Tool (CART) is a web application that facilitates development of acquisition requirement documents including the Performance Work Statement (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). CART’s modern user interface and structured database allows ease of use for contract creation, standardization and editing. CART is still in development, but if you would like to know more about the application, you can request a demo.

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