Hardware/Software Prototyping

Hardware/Software Prototyping


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Sample Experience

4 military men reviewing strategy


PATRIOT is a wearable Soldier training system designed to enhance Live, Force on Force training.


U.S. Army Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Cross-Functional Team (CFT)


PATRIOT consists of a lightweight vest equipped with GPS-based precision locating and both mesh and microcomputer technology.

PATRIOT requires minimal infrastructure and integrates with computers or tablets to improve communications, tracking, situational awareness, exercise assessment, and hot wash.

M160 Desktop Trainer (DTT)

IDSI developed a DTT and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) for the M160 counter-IED system operators.


PEO Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS), Robotic Systems Joint Project Office (RSJPO)


The M-160 DTT featured immersive scenarios where the operator used a PlayStation® 2 controller configured to function the same as the M-160 hand controller.

Significant research, design, software builds, and testing went into the design and development of the hand controller simulator prototype and final solution.


IDSI developers created unique prototype iPad® applications for the NSC to simulate Army C2 functions.


U.S. Army National Simulation Center (NSC), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


IDSI developed the iSandTable Mobile App, providing the capability for a solider to perform mission planning and generate a 5 paragraph OPORDER, and the iC2 Mobile App, providing an app that functions exactly like the real-world FBCB2 system. Both prototype efforts were created for the iPad® and were at the forefront of mobile app development.