Who we are

Performance by design

The purposeful application of expert design to provide the most robust and relevant cutting edge software, hardware, and engineering solutions possible.

A woman owned small business with over 30 years of providing targeted engineering, software, data, analysis, and training solutions

We offer the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business and the infrastructure and expertise of a large business

Our people are resourceful experts in their disciplines bonded by an unquenchable thirst for comprehending and applying the latest technological advances

We partner closely with clients to develop innovative, practical, and effective solutions that promote organizational efficiency and foster employees’ professional growth


Apply the latest research and innovation to position our customers for sustained, measurable success by optimizing human and organizational performance.


IDSI is a globally recognized leader and role model in human and organizational performance improvement.



IDSI is an entrepreneurial company. We encourage everyone to be creative, be self-starters, and be professionals building our reputation. IDSI minimizes layers of management and bureaucracy to encourage flexibility and entrepreneurial behavior.


Mentoring and coaching are a key part of our culture and essential for our continued learning and growth. IDSI is made up of highly qualified people who are hungry to continue to grow professionally and encourage and develop others in the process.


Effective and meaningful communications are vital to establishing meaningful relationships within the company and with our customers. Our conversations are honest and precise, and each communication is measured for the accuracy of the message and the quality of the content.


IDSI provides an environment that fosters professional growth, innovation, and creativity, allowing us all to realize our full individual and collective potential.


We are a performance-based company, committed to helping individuals do their jobs better and organizations better achieve their mission. We turn that focus inward, emphasizing a culture that values and rewards exceptional performance and successful outcomes.


Anticipating our customers’ needs is of the utmost importance to our success. We strive to be proactive and constantly educate our customers so that we can promptly arrive at the best solution. As a trusted advisor, we are obliged to make recommendations that drive mission success.

Our Professional Affiliations


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IDSI has several contract vehicles available and is capable of serving a variety of customers. We are well connected with contracting authorities in several arenas. If you have a need and we have the ability to help, we can find a way, contractually, to work together.